Sarita, born and raised in Austin, TX, has a strong love and passion for barbering. My vision is to provide high-quality haircuts and shaves for the PEOPLE of Austin. Whether you're looking for a more classic or modern style, I am here to help you achieve the perfect look to rock around the vibrant capitAl of Texas.



Edgar grew up in Los Angeles, Ca., He took the passion of cutting hair from watching his mom that was a hairstylist back in the 90's. Now, he is here in Austin paving his way at Barbon's Barbershop.


George Mota

George, a native Texan, has been cutting hair since the young age of 12 years old. From his home town of Bryan, Texas, he perfected his skills on his brothers and friends, soon realizing that cutting hair was truly his passion. An expert at his craft, George specializes in fades of all kinds.